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June 26, 2019  
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Darien and Grace Bragbook Pages - January to April, 2008 < Back

Grace and Darien LOVE to go the the Bean Life Science
Museum at BYU. Surprisingly, they're not freaked out
by the dead stuffed animals! Mommy likes the free part.
Provo, UT 2-2008

"It's OK, Darien, he's nice like Simba!"
Provo, UT 2-2008

Darien and Grace love to spell already..usually
they happily sing the ABC song while in the tub.
Cedar Hills, UT 2-2008

"OK, so we wasted an entire bottle of shampoo,
which is still in our hair, but we had FUN!"
(The multiple washes later in the tub, NOT so fun!)
Cedar Hills, UT 2-2008

Twins making messes like usual...but loving it!
For some reason they always have their clothes off...
Cedar Hills, UT 2-2008

At least they are eating SOME of it, right?
Cedar Hills, UT 2-2008

Darien is learning to sit still for one of his many haircuts.
Daddy is a pro!
Cedar Hills, UT 2-2008

I laughed as I watched Darien and Grace take turns
being the "patient reading a book" and the "doctor
checking the ears"...with a car cell phone charger!
Cedar Hills, UT 2-2008

The kids got into Patrick's shaving cream. They want
to be big just like Daddy!
Cedar Hills, UT 1-2008

"Look, SNOW!" Little did they know it would snow every
other day for another 2 months!
Cedar Hills, UT 1-2008

Grace and Darien loved to get on their snow clothes,
even when it took Mommy forever!
This was their first year going sledding.
Cedar Hills, UT 1-2008

Got to love the Utah snow! "We don't mind the cold
as long as we can finally get out of the house to play."
Cedar Hills, UT 1-2008

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