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December 09, 2021  
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Finding the right PBX phone system for your business can be a real challenge. Every make and model comes with it features that you may or may not need. Throw in the need for someone to actually set it up for you and you have a real quandary. That's where my company, VAR Network, comes in. We have relationships with thousands of new and used PBX phone system dealers across the entire country (United States only for the moment). Not only will they be able to answer your question, they will be able to sell you a new PBX system (or a used system if your budget does not agree with the price of a new system). When you use this system, there is never any pressure or commitment to buy - this is a totally free service that benefits everyone!

Select the brand name of the PBX phone system that interests you:

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This is the first step of the #ShowProduct# Search Engine. The next page will ask you to enter your location information and ask you about your exact needs. Following that, you'll be viewing the top 15 #ShowProduct# VARs in your area.

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VARSearch(tm) has new and used PBX phone system dealer listings in the following States:

Top Reasons to Use VARSearch(tm) to Find ArtiSoft, Avaya, Lucent Technologies, Mitel, NEC Communications, Nortel Networks, ShoreTel, Toshiba, and Vodavi Dealers

If there is one thing the internet is good for, it's networking - finding the people who have the skills and expertise that can give you the help you need. Aside from rocket science, there really isn't anything more technical on this planet than communications, specifically computer networks, telephone systems, and voice over internet phone systems. Not only do most manufacturers of this equipment not have direct sales outlets, they do not even pick up the phone if you haven't be certified and trained in their product set. That is where the VAR (Value Added Reseller) comes in - to act as your conduit to these telephone and network equipment companies (such as #ThisDealerList# just to name a few). They can sell you the gear you need and, more importantly, set up the system for you.

Finding the VARs who do a good job is not an easy proposition. From the yellow pages you can find all of the bigger dealers who can afford to pay the thousands of dollars per year to take out advertisements there, but what about the highly skilled smaller companies? How can you find trusted, reliable VARs that aren't adept at manipulating mass media? The answer is VARSearch!