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December 09, 2021  
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Photo Gallery
Pictures really are worth 1,000 words, so let me show you a few thousand words worth of my life. This section contains pictures of people who make up my life and other that I care a great deal about.

surfer Debbie and the Twins
Pictures of Debbie, my wife of #(Year(Now()) - 1994)# years, and our twins, Darien and Grace. I couldn't be prouder of my little family, and here you'll see why.

kent and gordon Extended Family
Pictures of my nieces, nephews, moms, dads, brother, and sisters. They are an awesome group of people and did I mention, super-fun to hang out with. Kate Johnson newborn pictures!

triathlon Triathlons
One day a friend of mine asked me to do a triathlon with him just for fun. After almost 2 hours of pain, I decided I liked this sport and decided to start training so that one day I can actually win one of these things!

real salt lake Sports Zone
A collection of pictures I've taken at numerous sporting events that I have attendended recently.

James, Adam, Patrick Friends
If you're not related to me by blood, your picture can be found here. I couldn't be prouder to be associated with such an outstanding group of people. I've truly been blessed with the best friends on earth.

Senset Photo Gallery Sunsets from my House
A collection of pictures I've taken from my balcony of the beautiful Utah sunsets. It amazes me how each night nature paints a different work of art.

vacation in florida Vacations
Pictures of all of the places that I travel to and people that I meet in my adventures away from home.

odd pictures Oddly Enough
Pictures of random stuff that I think is either funny or cool, but doesn't quite go in any other catergory in this album.

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