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June 26, 2019  
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2007 Provo Utah Triathlon - (June 23, 2007)

1.5K (0.93 mi) Swim0:35:36Pace: 2:22/100m
45K (28 mi) Bike1:11:30Average Speed: 23.7 mph
10K (6.21 mi) Run0:51:14Pace: 8:15/mile
Total Time2:40:02 (1st Place)Official Results

Running on a broken foot, that's me coming quickly to the finish line ahead of everyone in my age group for my first-ever victory. (I felt a lot of pressure after being assigned the #1 bib number!) Running in this race caused me to miss the entire month of July. Stink!

Jason Oliver, who is a very successful sales agent for Telarus, shows off his "Triathlon Kilt" his mother made for him (to cover up his spandex!)

Jason and I flex our manly muscles for all to see! Funny thing, Jason invited me to do this very same triathlon exactly one year ago! (see picture)

Debbie had a great race too (except for the road rash she got on her bike on a hairpin turn). She's tough!

Adam and Misha just after finishing the race. This is Misha's first triathlon, ever! Nice work!

Adam and Misha enjoy the feeling of "being done".

A nice picture of the transition area just as the race began at 7:00 AM.

Adam (who turned around a few hundred yards due to a knee injury) and Misha come in to the finish line.

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