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June 26, 2019  
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2007 SOMA Triathlon - (October 28, 2007)

1.2 Mile Swim43:10Pace: 2:10/100m
56 Mile Bike2:27:51Average Speed: 22.7 mph
13.1 Mile Run2:02:50Pace: 9:23/mile
Total Time5:18:00Official Results

The race started off with me almost getting lost on the swim. The whole second half of the swim was swimming eastward in the Tempe reservoir, right into the rising sun. I must have swam over 1.4 miles instead of the 1.2 I was supposed to do! Ouch!

The bike was a bright spot in the race for me, finishing in my personal best 2:27. The only slip up on the bike was my drink - Accelerade - which I mixed way to rich. I had to dilute it with water obtained from the first aide station in order to be able to stomach it!

Mile 4 of the run - feeling good and laying down 7:30/min miles. Looking forward to getting under 5 hours for the day . . .

Mile 10 of the run - temperature rises to 95 degrees - I'm feeling dehydrated, starting to get the chills and see florescent colors. All I can think about is just not letting this girl beat me!

Mile 13 of the run - temperature reaches a scorching 97 degrees! You can see the look of relief on my face. This was without question the most difficult triathlon of my life. The heat is just something you can't train for!

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